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AK Spray - Gloss Varnish 400ml

AK Spray - Gloss Varnish 400ml
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Art.Nr.: AK1012
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 400 ml – Includes a standard diffuser & fine diffuser.

High Quality Varnish to get an amazing Gloss varnish with a non-yellowing stability. Ultra resistant and with the best adherence. Before using you will need to shake the spray well, at least a minute to get a good mixture. Paint with the can in vertical position in fast and thin coats at a distance of about 25 cm., allowing to dry for 5 minutes be- tween layers. At the end of the painting turn the can upside down holding the spray nozzle for a few seconds in this position, until no more paint comes out of the diffuser, thus avoiding the obstruction of the diffuser.

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