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 Great photopraphic compilation where it’s shown, in an easy and depth way, the most important and unkown details about this tank.

The definitive modeler’s guide to the King Tiger, this highly detailed photographic compilation is a must have for modelers and historians. This essential guide for the King Tiger covers previously unknown details and critical details of this iconic vehicle.

Inner parts, engine compartment and hidden details pictures. Featuring fully detailed photo reference guide for both internal and external details including interior details, engine compartment, and often overlooked external details features critical to both the King Tiger and scale modelers.

Fun and easily referenced sourcebook where you can analyze the interior and exterior details of this legendary tank, through in-depth photographs and detailed explanations. Also included for modelers is a guide to camouflage schemes with full color and detailed profiles.

  • 56 pages, with more than 130 high quality photographs including rarely seen details.
  • 32 fully detailed color profiles with camouflage and markings.
  • Information provided for each King Tiger variant, both Porsche and Henschel turret.

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